Power, reliability and efficiency. These are the advantages of owning a Yamaha F200B. The Yamaha F200B has built a legendary reputation for its excellent economy and unrivaled reliability.

A double overhead cam design with four valves per cylinder increases the intake and exhaust efficiency for clean and powerful combustion. This configuration is matched with electronic fuel injection for excellent fuel economy throughout the RPM range.

Your new Yamaha EFI engine is the ultimate in reliability and technological innovation.

  • 60 degrees V6 Engine – Compact and high performance
  • 24-Valve Double OverHead Camshaft Direct Action V6 – high power and torque
  • In-Bank-Exhaust – Compact & Lightweight
  • ECM Micro-Computer Control – reliability, high performance, convenience & economy
  • YDIS : Yamaha Diagnostic System – Serviceability & Reliability
  • Blow-By-Gas Reburning System – Cleanness
  • High Output Alternator – convenience
  • Fuel injection – high performance & economy
  • Prime Start – Sure Start
  • Water Sealed Outer Wall & Labyrinth Exhaust System – Quietness
  • Over-Rev Limiter, Overheat Warning & Low Oil Pressure Warning – reliability
  • Yamaha ideal anti-corrosion system – YDC-30, multi-anodes & alumite – durability


Additional information

Additional information