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The strength and ease of use are combined with resistance and reliability to meet the demands of those who work on water. 
Its projection system on the propeller allows it to absorb impacts and keep operating.

It has been specially developed to meet the demanding demands of commercial use, that’s why it belongs to the category Enduro.

The strength and ease of use combine with the resistance over the water.

This model has won all the praises from customers worldwide and especially in Colombia. Model with system pin on the propeller.

Rigging Price*
(Engine and accessories included)

E40JMHS Rp 54.100.000
E40JMHL Rp 55.900.000

E40JWL Rp 61.300.000

*Prices are subject to change at any time


2-Tak40 PK40 PK
Engine NameE40JMHE40JW
Engine Type2-Cylinder2-Cylinder
Transom HeightS = 16.6 in
L = 21.6 in
S = 16.6 in
L = 21.6 in
Volume (content) Cylinder (cm3)699 cc699 cc
Diameter x Step78.0 mm x 70.0 mm78.0mm X 70.0 mm
Maximum Operating Range4500 – 5500 rpm4500 – 5500 rpm
Compression Comparison6.26.2
Fuel Induction System1 Carburetor Dual Throat1 Carburetor Dual Throat
Ignition SystemCDICDI
Fuel Consumption20.0 l/h @5500 r/min20.0 l/h @5500 r/min
Gear Comparison2.08 (27/13)2.08 (27/13)
Lubricating Systempre-mixpre-mix
Trim & Tilt MethodManualManual
Starter SystemManualElectric Starter
Steering SystemSteering StickSteering Stick
Weight65-71 Kg65-71 Kg